Regardless of whether or not we handled your initial case, we will evaluate the case and records to see if we can help you appeal the matter.  


DUIs/DWIs in Illinois are some of the most complex misdemeanor cases, but can still be charged as felonies in some situations.  These cases involve not only the traditional criminal procedure, but also a civil hearing to determine if the defendant's mandatory license suspension should be overturned.

Juvenile Offenses

Most offenses that apply to juveniles are the same as those that apply to adults, except that the criminal procedure may be applied differently to juveniles.



Requests by drivers for full driving privileges after a license revocation.

Civil Forfeiture

Has your property been seized by the government? We will fight to get your property returned to you as soon as possible, so that any disruption to your life can be minimal.

Expungements & Sealing

An adult who has been previously prosecuted for a crime, either while an adult or as a minor, may petition the court to have his/her arrest/conviction records expunged. The person seeking expungement will have to file a verified petition and may be required to pay a fee to process the request.

Drug Related Offenses

  • Offenses Under the Cannabis Control Act
    • Possession or delivery of a substance containing cannabis
    • Manufacture of substance containing cannabis
  • Offenses Under the Controlled Substances Act
    • Unauthorized possession, manufacture, or delivery of a controlled substance

Ordinance/Municipal Violations

Ordinance violations are charged by municipal governments for violations of municipals rules.  These are not criminal charges and do not result in changes to your criminal record.  These types of violations include:

  • Traffic Citations
  • Illegal Burning Citations
  • Noise Citations
  • Consuming Alcohol in Prohibited Areas
  • Possession of Cannabis/Drug Paraphernalia 
  • Illegal Possession of Alcohol by a Minor